Bea Steers

Machine Learning, Acoustics, Engineer - Web, Python

Open Source Code

Here's some python packages that I've put together to address various programming needs. Hopefully you'll find them useful! Pull requests are welcome :)

starstar - Python kwargs tracing.
tflit - tflite_runtime, but easier.
oidcat - Simple OIDC for python
randomname - Generate random (adj-noun) names for memorable unique IDs (like github/docker)
ipyumbrella - Extended widget collections for jupyter notebooks.
pathtrees - Named path hierarchies.
pformat - Partial string formatting !!!
slurmjobs - Automating Slurm job generation.
hellolan - Intuitive port scanning interface!
preact-habitat-base - Preact Habitat Widget Boilerplate

Research Scientist/Engineer at NYU CUSP.

Currently I'm working at NYU MARL building out robust software infrastructure to handle scalable and expandable IoT research projects.

My work includes orchestrating frontend sensor software, backend infrastructure, and dashboard visualizations. In addition, I'm also working on machine learning applied to urban sound.

Contact Me!

I already have a job at the moment, but if you have anything else you wanna talk about, hit me up!